Inuit Eligibility

Following the signing on January 27 2005 of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA) Complementary Agreement No. 18 on Inuit Eligibility, the list of all Nunavik beneficiaries is managed out of the Nunavik Enrolment Office located in Kuujjuaq at the Makivik Corporation Head Office.  The Nunavik Enrolment Office has among other duties to verse the lists provided by each community into the Nunavik Inuit Beneficiaries Register. 

Pursuant to the coming into force of the CA. 18, being on May 1st 2006, the rules of the Inuit Eligibility Regime were modified completely.

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The communities have now the responsibility to update their own community beneficiaries list via the work of their Community Enrolment Committee.   The Committees apply their discretion in implementing the criteria listed at the C.A. 18, in order to take a decision on the application presented by an individual, or his/her legal representative for minors, under the guidance of the following principles:

  • Nunavik Inuit are best able to define who is an Inuk and who is therefore entitled to be enrolled under the JBNQA, and;
  • Nunavik Inuit are to be recognized according to their own understanding of themselves, of their culture and traditions; and;
  • The determination and decision process of who is an Inuk for the purposes of the JBNQA is to be just and equitable.

Nunavik Enrolment Office (NEO)

The Nunavik Enrolment Office (NEO) is under the authority of the Board of Directors of the Makivik Corporation.  Their mandate is to update and maintain the Nunavik JBNQA Inuit Beneficiaries list upon decisions taken by the 16 Community Enrolment Committees (CEC) and the Nunavik Enrolment Review Committee.  NEO has no power of decision-making concerning JBNQA enrolment.

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Address of the Nunavik Enrolment Office (NEQ) 

Makivik Corporation
P.O. Box 179, Kuujjuaq, Qc  J0M 1C0 
Telephone: (819) 964-2925   
Fax: (819) 964-0458
Email: nunavikenrolmentoffice@makivik.org

Community Enrolment Commitees (CEC)

The mandate of each CEC is to update and maintain the community JBNQA Inuit beneficiaries list.  The CECs are composed of the following:

  • LHC existing:  The elected Directors of the local LHC and one (1) elder appointed via resolution by the Board of Directors of the local LHC, for a two-year renewable  term period;

  • Puvirnituq (no LHC):  Eight (8) members are elected by the community through general elections organized by Makivik and are appointed for a 2-year renewable term period;

  • Community Enrolment Secretary:  The community Enrolment Secretaries are appointed via resolution for an undetermined term period by the Board of Directors of the local LHCs and in Puvirnituq where there is no LHC, by the Council of Puvirnituq.

Nunavik Enrolment Review Committee (NERC)

All decisions made by the Community Enrolment Committees (CEC) are subject to review by the Nunavik Enrolment Review Committee (NERC) established under Section 3A.7 of the JBNQA.  This enables applicants to appeal a decision if they are not satisfied with the decision rendered by a Community Enrolment Committee (CEC).  The deadline to apply for a review is twelve (12) months from the date of a decision by a CEC.  The NERC is composed of six (6) members appointed by the Board of Directors of Makivik Corporation for a 3 year renewable term period.  The composition of the NERC is two (2) appointees from Ungava Bay communities, two (2) appointees from the Hudson Bay communities, and two (2) appointees from Hudson Strait communities.  When receiving an Application to Review, the NERC appoints among themselves one (1) member from each region to review the Decision taken by a CEC. The decision of the NERC is final.